About Dinarak service

Dinarak is a secure payment method that enables you to send and receive money, pay bills, and facilitate payments between people and businesses on mobile phones


A Dinarak Account is a safe and cost-effective way to transfer money, and pay for goods and services, using your mobile phone. With a Dinarak Account, your money is securely stored on your phone in a virtual electronic wallet, uniquely identified by your mobile phone number.

Anyone with a mobile phone subscription on a Jordanian mobile network (Orange, Umniah or Zain) can open a Dinarak Account, subject to identification checks.

So Jordanian Nationals, Non-Jordanians, tourists and refugees can all open accounts. Even minors can have an account via a custodian.

· No, a bank account is not required. All transactions are available simply by using your mobile phone.

·Yes. Dinarak Accounts are available on any type of mobile phone handset operating on a Jordanian network.

The balance limit for an individual Dinarak Account is 2000JD.

Withdraw Cash

*No Fees when using Dinarak MasterCard at Jordan Kuwait Bank ATMs

Paying For Goods & Services

No Fees for making payments to retailers and merchants

Money Transfers

No Fees for Receiving Money

Make A Deposit

No Fees for depositing cash into your Dinarak Account