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About Gate to pay service

In cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan, Gate to pay brings you your new financial partner. Qudhaa electronic wallet gives you all the benefits and features of monitoring and full control of funds, without the need for any bank account. Monitor and execute all your financial movements through your smart mobile phone.


Go to the nearest ATM
Choose "Cardless Services"
Click on the preferred language
Select "JoMoPay e-wallet services"
Click on "Cash Withdraw"
Determine the withdrawal amount
Write down the mobile number
Write down the One Time Password (OTP)
Click on "Continue" to receive cash!


Get a prepaid MasterCard, to be linked to your e-wallet. MasterCard cards, which are accepted worldwide, allow you to make payments and withdraw cash, and you can also shop online.

Safety and protection

Gate to pay electronic wallet is subject to the licensing and supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan

pay bills

With Gate to pay wallet, you can pay your bills with one click from your wallet

International transfers

Gate to pay wallet can make international transfers with the utmost ease and speed

ATM Cash withdrawal

Two daily cash withdrawals, with a maximum limit of 250 per transaction, free of charge