About Mahfazti service

Mahfazti is an electronic payment service, Zamzam Exchange is one of its agents. You can make internal and international transfers and pay your purchases and bills, in addition to cash withdrawals by agents / Zamzam Exchange / and automatic withdrawals


Mahfazti provides the user with a new, safe and easy way to pay online, enabling him to use his mobile phone to carry out payments and transfer from one person to another and pay the price of purchases directly

Cardless cash withdrawals through approved ATMs

No, there is no need for a bank account, you just need to use your mobile phone to perform all financial transactions

Cash payment

Pay at the shops that have Mahfazti service

pay bills

Pay all utility bills, such as electricity, water, communications, violations and others

Internal transfers

Transfer money to people, merchants, and government agencies anywhere

Cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal through authorized agents of Mahfazti. And all branches of Zamzam Exchange