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About Sadad service

SADAD Logistics Company provides an advanced and secure electronic system to pay bills, with the support of the e Fawateercom Company, the Central Bank of Jordan to provide the citizen with a set of services that meet all his needs and all operations are done within a system that uses the best safety and speed techniques


Visit the following link to learn about all the institutions and agencies that you can pay their bills at Zamzam Exchange branches. Click here to visit the link
SADAD is an existing service in cooperation with eFAWATEERcom, which is an electronic system for presenting and collecting bills electronically owned by the Central Bank

Safety and protection

Featuring safety and full protection

Close to you

Through the many SADAD branches and partners, including Zamzam Exchange, the distance between you and SADAD is the shortest

Ease of use

You do not need much knowledge of technical matters

Speed of payment and activation

The speed of the payment process is characterized by the activation of the service