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About ZainCash service

Zain Cash is an electronic mobile payment service that allows you to have complete control over your financial life, with secure and convenient means to conduct financial transactions and process monthly payments. Download the Zain Cash app, register it on your mobile wallet and get a Mastercard. To subscribe, all you need to do is visit any Zain shop or authorized agent.


To open a Zain Cash wallet, visit any branch of Zamzam Exchange or Zain showrooms in the Kingdom of Jordan, issue a Zain Cash card for an amount of 4 Jordanian dinars, and a minimum deposit of 5 Jordanian dinars, and then you can access Zain Cash wallet through the application.

Pay with the Zain Cash Card in the shops.

Pay using the Zain Cash watch available at some stores and schools, where students can use the watch to buy from the school restaurant.

Electronic payment by using the Zain Cash application. The application is also used for electronic purchases of cards and products available on the application, in addition to paying bills.

After charging the Zain wallet with an amount of money, the money can be transferred to other customers through the mobile application by entering the number of the wallet to which you want to transfer the money or entering the name of the customer


Safe and easy payment method

pay bills

Electricity, water and phone bills can be paid through the Zain Cash app

Internal transfers

Money can be transferred to other customers via the mobile application

Discounts and offers

A wide range of offers and discounts available at stores and restaurants for Zain Cash customers